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saic motor, the largest automobile manufacturer in china, is expected to showcase more than 160 vehicles, including more than 10 world premium debuts, at the 2021 shanghai international automobile industry exhibition, which is scheduled to take place from april 19 to 28 in shanghai.

saic motor’s world premium of more than 10 models at shanghai auto show

saic motor’s world premium of more than 10 models at shanghai auto show

the automaker will display its 16 brands, including im, audi, r brand, mg, maxus, cadillac, wuling, and hongyan, at the no 3, no 6.1 and no 7.2 exhibition halls with a total area of 26,000 square meters. a third of the exhibits are new energy vehicles (nevs). here, visitors can experience various technological innovations by saic motor such as the soa software platform, intelligent driving, and nevs.

the no 3 exhibition hall will showcase the pure electric smart car im, the first fuel cell multi-purpose vehicle in the world maxus euniq 7, the maxus mifa electric concept car, plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric concept cars like the rx5 emax, rx5 eplus, ei6 max, and audi a7l.

im l7, a luxury pure electric smart car, offers chinese users an all-scenario door to door pilot driving experience. for example, the vehicle can automatically drive out of and into parking spaces according to the preset navigation planning.

two models from saic audi will also make their debut at the no 3 exhibition hall during the auto show. they are the audi a7l, a high-performance luxury car with a stunning appearance, and saic audi's first nev.

wuling and new baojun will be on display at the no 6.1 exhibition hall. the former has created the global small electric vehicles (gsevs) and more than 370,000 vehicles from the series, including the hongguang miniev, have been sold.

the no 7.2 exhibition hall will display the marvel r, the first 5g-enabled intelligent electric suv in the world hitting the road.

in 2020, the sale of nevs by saic motor surged 73.4 percent year-on-year to 320,000 vehicles, the highest in the country and the third highest in the world.

that same year, the carmaker exported 390,000 vehicles, which accounted for more than one third of chinese carmakers' total exports and the most in the country for the fifth consecutive year.

in the first quarter of this year, saic motor's exports soared 77.5 percent year-on-year to 119,000 vehicles, ranking first in china.