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saic motor corporation limited brought seven vehicle models to the 5th china international energy-saving and new energy vehicles exhibition & energy-saving and new energy vehicles achievement exhibition held in beijing on oct 18.

the exhibited vehicle models were the pure electric internet suv roewe erx5, the plug-in hybrid internet sedan roewe ei6, the plug-in hybrid internet administrative roewe e950, the fuel cell light bus maxus fcv80, the electric light bus ev80, the internet sedan roewe i6, and the internet suv mg zs.

taking the latest development trends in technology, markets and industry as guidance, saic motor is striving to promote an innovative transformation featuring electricity, interconnection, intelligence and sharing. the vehicles saic motor brought to the exhibition were new energy vehicles equipped with advanced technologies and preeminent safety performance.

saic motor is the only automobile enterprise in china that is producing vehicles the core technologies of plug-in hybrid, pure electric and fuel cell at the same time. it has launched a dozen passenger and commercial vehicles run by new energy. the seven vehicle models at the fair were nevs of advanced technologies and preeminent safety performance, demonstrating saic motor’s proposal for a green lifestyle.

thanks to its advanced technologies, saic motor is competitive in the new energy sector. its edu (electric drive unit) gearbox broke through international patent barriers and gained top prize for china automotive industry technology in 2016. the battery management system (bms) can slow down battery degradation. saic motor is also the only automobile enterprise in china that offers quality guarantees for batteries: the battery will degrade less than 20 percent in five years and 100,000 kilometers, less than 30 percent in eight years and 120,000 km. its highly integrated battery pack has gained the authorization of the us underwriter laboratories and was graded at the highest level of the ingress protection rating – ip67.

saic motor is also trying to improve industrial layout through crossover cooperation. cooperating with the well-known battery manufacturer catl, it set up the united auto battery corporation,  a production base for new energy batteries and energy storage battery systems. the base is expected to develop a total power battery capacity of 36gwh and to improve battery performance in terms of charging speed, service life and security.

saic motor plans to invest more than 20 billion yuan ($3 billion) in the new energy field during the 13th five-year plan period (2016-20). more than 30 nev models will be launched and annual sales of nevs are expected to exceed 600,000 by 2020. saic motor will put more effort into developing nevs by improving independent innovation.

introduction to exhibited vehicles

the pure electric internet suv roewe erx5 is equipped with a power battery system using a  catl high-energy-dense cell, which gives the vehicle the longest mileage of 425 km among china’s pure electric suvs. the battery can reach an 80 percent charge in 40 minutes. the roewe erx5 product line is installed with a cutting-edge intelligent internet system whose charging map can help drivers find the locations and service conditions of charging piles as soon as possible. roewe erx5 also provides internet-oriented functions, such as alipay payment, speech control, remote control and intelligent navigation.

 the plug-in hybrid internet sedan roewe ei6 can present the driver with a convenient driving experience without causing pollution. by employing saic motor’s bluenet efficient dynamics technology greennet new energy technology, the vehicle is installed with a turbo-supercharged engine and an edu intelligent electric drive gearbox, which can lower oil consumption over 100 km to 1.5 liters and extend comprehensive endurance mileage to 705 km. roewe ei6 is also equipped with an advanced internet system which can give clients unique id numbers as well as help them find the nearest available charging piles through an intelligent map.

the plug-in hybrid internet administrative vehicle, the roewe e950, is installed with an sge 1.4tgi direct injection turbo-supercharged engine which has a maximum power of 112kw and a maximum torque of 235nm. thanks to the edu, the combination of 1.4tgi edu creates eight hybrid drive models for the vehicle. the new roewe e950 only consumes 1.7l of oil over 100 km and has comprehensive endurance mileage of over 600 km. the vehicle is also equipped with an advanced internet system whose intelligent map can provide the drivers with information about charging piles. there are also other functions, such as remote control, speech control and intelligent navigation.

the pure electric light bus, the maxus ev80, is installed with a high-energy-dense battery which can extend maximum endurance mileage to 360 kilometers with the help of braking energy recovery technology. with the high-power-density permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system, the vehicle can start up to maximum torque. with the help of the intelligent overall power control system, the speed and output power of the engine can be automatically adjusted. this model has been well received by customers in the logistics and commuting markets in shanghai, beijing, zhongshan and xi’an.

the fuel cell light bus roewe fcv80 is a plug-in dual power source vehicle that was developed using the latest hydrogen fuel cell system. it is the only fuel cell light bus for commercial use in china. it is installed with an exchange membrane fuel cell, a 35mpa high-density hydrogen storage system and dual power resources (fuel cell system is the major resource and a power battery is supplementary). it only takes three to five minutes to fill up with hydrogen but can allow the vehicle an endurance mileage of 430 km. thanks to these advanced technologies, the vehicle boasts the characteristics of environmental protection, is pollution-free, and produces low noise and zero emissions.

the world first mass production internet sedan, the roewe i6, is honored as “the best sedan of internet times” thanks to its advantages in wind resistance, space, automotive interior, oil consumption, technology and security. it uses the bluenet high-efficient dynamics technology and is installed with an in-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine, tst dual clutch gearbox of seven gear selections and manual transmission of six gear selections. roewe ie6 has high fuel economy performance and once held the guinness world record with oil consumption of 2.99l per 100 km. roewe i6 is also equipped with an advanced internet system which provides various functions, such as alipay, speech control, remote control and intelligent navigation, meeting customers’ various demands.

the “fashion internet suv”, the mg zs, is installed with the intelligent internet system developed by saic motor and china online giant alibaba group. it is also the first suv to be installed with the alipay payment function. the vehicle also has speech control, a flexible adaptive map and double-blind navigation, as well as the capacity to have access to an unmanned plane and sports camera. the mg zs has two engine options – 16t and 1.5l. the sge 16t engine employs the in-cylinder direct injection turbocharging technology. equipped with automatic transmission with six gear selections, the vehicle boasts strong power and high fuel economy performance.