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saic motor corporation limited launched the automatic internet-enabled ultimate version of its roewe 20t on july 6, celebrating the launch anniversary of the roewe rx5, the world’s first internet vehicle.

well received by its 200,000 users over its first year on the market, the roewe rx5 broke the joint venture brand monopoly in the suv market, leading sales of new vehicles in 2016. the popularity of the roewe rx5 helped saic motor achieve a year-on-year sales volume increase of 113 percent.

新车20t自动互联网智尊版上市 售价15.88万元

to celebrate the anniversary, saic motor offered clients free upgrades to its rx5 20t manual flagship, manual internet intelligent, automatic flagship, and automatic internet intelligent editions: a 6,000-yuan ($924.50) panoramic skylight.

new vehicle to meet new demands

in the mobile internet age, a vehicle inevitably assumes a role as an intelligent interconnection center. the roewe rx5 20t automatic internet ultimate edition was designed and produced to meet client demands, improving appearance, security performance, internet technologies and overall configuration based on market trends and user feedback.

新车20t自动互联网智尊版上市 售价15.88万元

新车20t自动互联网智尊版上市 售价15.88万元

the new vehicle model, priced at 158,800 yuan ($24,395), is installed with an advanced internet system, 10.4-inch high-definition touch screen, seven-inch interactive virtual instrument for displaying information on navigation and vehicle state. other features, such as the led matrix headlights and intelligently automatic taillights, were all designed to address customer concerns.

the automatic internet ultimate edition also provides intelligent payment solutions, allowing drivers to pay for fuel, parking, and repairs and maintenance with alipay. voice activation technology can turn on air conditioning upon hearing the driver say, “it’s hot”, and the vehicle is also connected to unmanned airplane and sports cameras with which clients can take ambitious pictures and videos. safety features include side airbags in the front and back doors, and a panoramic imaging system.

saic motor strives to improve product layout

since launching its internet vehicle program, saic motor has made innovations in technology, products and marketing, adding to the boost experienced by the development of china’s automobile industry and laying foundations for the development of intelligent transportation and smart cities.

新车20t自动互联网智尊版上市 售价15.88万元

the roewe rx5 created a login id concept by which data containing details about each driver’s driving habits and use of services can be collected. saic motor plans to further analyze the data to provide better, more highly personalized services.

the roewe rx5 also features netblue, a high-efficiency powertrain developed by saic. improving accelerating and braking performance, netblue also lowers oil consumption to 3.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

in cooperation with catl, china’s largest battery manufacturer, saic motor has increased battery performance and reduced cost. as a member of 5g automotive association, saic motor signed a cooperation agreement with china mobile and huawei technologies at the 2017 mobile world congress in shanghai, agreeing to improve intelligent travel services and propel development of c-v2x, a new automatic drive and vehicle safety technology.

saic motor ranks first among the world’s automobile enterprises in the internet vehicle market. its products, including the roewe i6, roewe ei6, roewe erx5, roewe erx5 and mg zs, present a wide range from suvs to sedans, from new energy vehicles to internet vehicles. saic plans to launch new vehicle models this year.