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when the 4th-generation of britain’s legendary mg gt entered the market on nov 1 it was carrying on the gt line and leading the trend in china's fashionable younger generation by offering a distinctive style. the car made its debut at the chengdu auto show in august as a high-performance fashionable mid-range vehicle and took the lead at auto shows in nanjing and hangzhou. right now it is enjoying brisk advance sales and those who have registered will have a chance of getting a free trip to the launch ceremony in the uk.

legendary british sporty car goes on the market

mg’s 4th-generation inherits british aesthetic sense

the mg gt is the 4th generation in the 90-year-old mg’s history, when the first three models were all leaders in their time -- the mgb gt, the first model, was an immediately successful sports car when it was shown to the public, while the mgc gt was a favorite of the royal family, and the mgb gt v8 became the fastest car and the king of speed. these days, modern technology has reworked the classics so the mg gt combines inheritance and innovation and is expected to live up its expectations. it inherited the sharp appearance of the rest of its family, with a sculpture-like quality, and greater flexibility. the two lines on the hood of the engine from the car logo resemble a union jack, indicating the british character running through its veins. the air-inlet grille and suspended blade intranet design show the car’s glorious history and its swagger, but at the same time delicate quality.

the racy appearance gives the mg gt real gt style and when it was set on shanghai’s bund it attracted the attention of countless young people, and did the same in chengdu, nanjing, shenzhen, and xi’an and helped the visitors fully understand british style.

legendary british sporty car goes on the market

a touch-and-go sports gene

the mg gt is the first model to have the saic cube-tech, a new generation of powertrain, which combines an sge1.4 tgi engine and tst 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, undoubtedly one of the car’s most attractive qualities. the shifting takes less than 0.2 seconds and is comparable to an f1. the power assembly helps make the mg gt’s fuel consumption 20 percent lower than conventional cars and its carbon emissions are down by more than 20 percent. in addition to the 1.4tmodel, there a 1.5t model with greater power. 

legendary british sporty car goes on the market

intelligent chip for greater freedom

saic’s intelligent network driving system, inkanet, has improved over the years and is familiar to 200,000 users for its user-friendly experience and the latest version, inkanet4.0, in the mg gt brings customers an easier, more interesting driving experience. the combination of three-dimensional navigation and map improves route planning, brings minute, instant path optimization, traffic accident and obstacle avoidance, and dynamic time-saving path calculation. it can save user 10 hours per month on average in driving time and the new en-route navigation allows drivers to try four destinations, for more satisfactory navigation. and the free voice function allows drivers to control the navigation, play music, get information and handle voice messaging with the hands free to ensure driving safety and fun. the new inkanet4.0 has a mirror link function that can project mobile phone content onto a screen and send information to the vehicle via mobile phone or remote website.

legendary british sporty car goes on the market

the mg has been long been a young person’s dream vehicle, since 1924, with an extraordinary racing gene and solid british quality and, to celebrate its 90th anniversary, the mg gt will be even better in individuality, temperament and creativity. it officially entered the market on nov 1 as a new wave of dynamic british fashion.