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together with shanghai tobacco group co ltd, saic motor corporation limited donated 14 ambulances to hainan and qinghai provinces in early august in an effort to improve the standard of local emergency treatment.

timely attention is vital to emergency treatment and the ambulances play a key role in this process. only safe, reliable and efficient ambulances can guarantee the patients receive care in time. the 14 donated ambulances, all maxus v80 vehicles, are more than equipped for the task.

in addition to its novel appearance, the v80 ambulance is also customized for professional use, with first-aid cases and spacious, isolated emergency rooms where patients’ vital signs can be monitored and treatment applied. the v80s are also able to deal with public health events on site.

to better serve patients and medical personnel, the interior accessories and cabinets of the v80 are made of molded high-polymer corrosion-resistant material, that is easy to clean and disinfect. all electric vehicle appliances are controlled by integrated microcomputers, as are the lighting, exhaust and air-conditioning systems. interior cabinets are equipped with ample 220v and 12v electric sockets.

the maxus v80 comes with an advanced diesel engine installed, along with bosch’s third-generation high-pressure common rail fuel injection system and variable geometry turbocharger (vgt). the integrated body frame is made of ultra-high-strength steel that greatly enhances the vehicle’s structural and security performance.

this was not the first time saic motor organized a public benefit event with shanghai tobacco co ltd, a large state-owned enterprise. the two companies started their charitable endeavors in 2012 and have donated more than 100 shuttle buses to schools in sichuan, yunnan, shandong, shaanxi and other provinces around the country, aiming to improve traffic and travel conditions for local students.

saic maxus, a wholly owned subsidiary of saic motor, helped thousands of cataract patients from poverty-stricken families recover their sight in another of the group’s charitable endeavors. saic maxus also donated v80 multifunction vehicles to singapore disabled persons sports association to help athletes commute between their homes and the training center.   

saic’s donations not only brought ambulances to hainan and qinghai, but also aroused people’s interest in charitable works. saic motor and shanghai tobacco plan to produce better products for the public while establishing a platform for participation in charity events.