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saic maxus will soon introduce its g10, a long-awaited mpv model that uses global technological resources. the new model, which made its debut at the guangzhou auto show in 2013, is a widely anticipated commercial vehicle in 2014. this saic motor product is the first mpv vehicle to integrate efficiency and comfortable functions and will enrich the saic maxus line, with its super power, technology, and other advantages, with two models. 


saic motor is a global 500 company and the world’s seventh largest automobile manufacturer and is committed to helping develop china’s auto industry by pooling global resources and establishing competitiveness. it was china’s first automaker to sell more than 5 million vehicles in 2013, and its maxus is at the head of its mission to promote saic vehicles globally and to become a global leader.

the g10 is china’s first full mpv, with two models -- the v80 and g10 -- which will help the growth of the medium and high-end mpv market and the drive to get more of the international market and contribute to the saic’s global strategy. the maxus has truly competitive products and, in 2013, joined the rank of domestic leaders, with strong backing from saic motors. with the maxus brand, saic has used all its competitive advantages in pooling global technological resources.

the g10, the china’s first full mpv, will highlight its 3g advantages – great power, a green concept, and global technology – to create great value for the customers. in appearance, interior design, space, and power, it can meet all travel needs. and, as a medium to high-end mpv, its configuration is superior to other models in the same category, thanks to its automatic panoramic sunroof, one-touch start system, automatic windscreen wipers, multi-functional steering wheel and afshid headlights. for power, it is equipped with a new generation 2.0t engine, with advantages in both power and fuel consumption. it is more spacious, and a third row of seats can accommodate three adults. some expect it to be a trendsetter for china’s mpv vehicles for the next 10 years.

saic maxus says that the long-awaited full mpv g10 will be on the market in 2014, and will bring a change to china’s vehicle business, with some industry insiders noting that the arrival of the buick’s gl8 years ago ushered in a new mpv market. the maxus g10, with its power, technology and other advantages as well as its reasonable price, will be another benchmark in china’s mpv market and will play a leading role, together with the gl8, in the medium to high-end mpv market.